Past Performances

The following is a representative listing of quotes from our clients that attest to PM Architects excellent performance:

“PM Architects has been responsive during this design effort. They have provided a quality design project. They were able to accelerate the design to meet our schedule.”
Lt. Col. Michael Troxel; Base Civil Engineer
Contract No. W91364-16-P-0051

“PM Architects were nothing but professional throughout the duration of this design effort. They provided cost and design options that were beneficial to the Government on a project that had a numerous amount of limitations. They provided high quality submittals and delivered each submission on time if not earlier than the submission date.”
Marquis Salley; Project Manager for Robins AFB Civil Engineering Flight representing the
Govt. and the USER of the Facility
Contract No. FA8501-16-C-0040 (Design a new FireBottle Facility using 2 CLINS)

QUALITY: All submittals were professional and of high quality.
SCHEDULE: PM Architects has done a very good job of keeping the project on schedule and has even delivered submittals ahead of the documented submission date.
COST CONTROL: This project involved various options in which the Government needed to fulfill its requirement. PM Architects did a great job at providing various cost options and implications for every situation posed by the Government.
MANAGEMENT: PM Architects and their team showed nothing but professionalism throughout the durations of this project.
REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: PM Architects did a good job at following all codes, regulations, and bringing to the attention of the Government when something was in question in regards to regulations.
RECOMMENDATION: Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future.
Name and Title of Assessing Official:
Title: Supervisor
Organization: 78 CEG/CENMP
Phone Number: 478-397-2948 Email Address:
Date: 04/19/2017

“PM Architects, LLC was tasked to design the renovation of a facility originally constructed in 1979 and never updated. Additionally, the A-E was tasked with a very tight construction cost limit. PM Architects did an outstanding job of providing options and alternatives to meet the design intent while keeping the cost estimate within funding limitations……..Finally, the communication design needed some additional rework, but was not a major issue. PM Architects would be eligible for future work. They were given a very tight window of performance and exceeded expectations.”
Lt. Col. Stu Killian (Retd.), Base Civil Engineer, OH Air National Guard, Mansfield, OH

“……Contractor is very customer oriented and provides a high quality finished product, strives to meet or exceed milestones. Displayed foresight and reliability, in insisting on performing asbestos investigation of roof (was initially waived by the Government)….saved untold amount of future time, effort and funds (considering impact of asbestos during construction phase)."
TSgt. Gordon Strom, Base Contracting Officer, OH Air National Guard, Mansfield, OH
Capt. Travis Fox, Base Civil Engineer (Current)
Contract No. W91364-13-C-0007
POC Ph. No. (419)520-6390

PM Architects has a team attitude and pays special attention to the needs as well as the requirements of the Customer to fully complete the project on time and within budget. Mr. Mehra can be contacted at any time 24/7 which is of major importance to Tamsah as the Prime Contractor. His expertise and knowledge is of utmost importance when performing a design-build construction project."
Barb Howell, Tamsah Enterprises, Prime Contractor (Customer)
Project located at US Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL
Contract No. N69450-12-R-4101 (Naval Hospital)
POC Ph. No. (937)593-8209

This project was complex due to the drainage problems and that it is located along the banks of the St. John’s River………Due to Mr. Mehra’s knowledge and commitment to success, this project was completed on time and within budget. The end user was extremely satisfied with the project and a ribbon cutting ceremony was the reward”.
Barb Howell, Tamsah Enterprises, Prime Contractor (Customer)
Project located at US Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL
Contract No. N69450-13-C-4066 (RV Park)
POC Ph. No. (937)593-8209

“The A-E performed flawlessly without direction from AF CE Project Manager and had minimal Design Review Comments when the submittals were turned in. All submittals provided as scheduled in Design Submittal schedule. Cost Estimate related to design in that costs were held below project budget while meeting AF USER requirements. All subsurface soil investigation and land surveying done with minimal interruption to AF USER operations within secure area requiring escorts 100% of the time. Billy English, RA; Project Manager for Robins AFB Civil Engineering Flight representing the Govt. and the USER of the Facility"
Contract No. FA8501-14-D-0001 (Technical Order Library, D.O. #001)

“….The A-E Team - is an excellent group of very knowledgeable professionals. They are extremely thorough in their approach to project analysis and problem solving. I have come to trust their judgment and recommendations without reservation on technical issues related to facility restoration and design. They take project responsibilities very seriously, are dependable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them for future projects.”
Suzy O’Neal, Special Projects Architect, Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, GA Contract No. FA8501-14-D-0001 (Renovate Building 255 for Security Forces Squadron Use) Email:

“The 178th Civil Engineering Squadron has developed a very beneficial working relationship with PM Architects over the last year. His professionalism, experience and expertise are top notch. What raises Pavan above his peers is his dedication to customer service. PM Architects separated themselves from others in a recent material acquisition contract to provide multiple SCIF doors for our installation's highest priority mission facility. Pavan has been more proactive with this commodity purchase than any other contractor I have worked with in over 12 years. Going above and beyond, Pavan identified problems with the government’s specifications and design, providing significant financial savings and, more importantly, avoiding delays in the construction timeline.”
Major Matthew S. Craig, Base Civil Engineer, Ohio Air National Guard, Springfield Air National Guard Base (Retired as Lt. Col. now)

“…….Mr. Mehra is highly motivated to provide outstanding customer support and ensure successful completion of all contract requirements. He has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure quality design and construction services are provided here at the 178th. Fighter Wing. I highly recommend PM Architects for future projects ….and wish Mr. Mehra great success…….”
SMSgt. Jason McClean, 178th. Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, Springfield Air National Guard Base (Retired now)

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